Sunday, March 29, 2009

'91 Toyota Corolla TwinCam GTi

What a ridiculous horrible long weekdays I had. The only thing that I know was going to make me happy was I’m going to shoot my friend’s 1991 Twin Cam GTI on Saturday morning. And f#$k it took a long time from Thursday nite to Saturday morning. But thank God Saturday did arrive. I had to leave house around 5am just to get nice orange sky on the top of a parking lot. Guess what? Shit happened again. The parking space closed due to renovation. We have to find another location. The rest of the session went fine. To be honest I’m not that satisfied with these photos. I will do it again next time. And when that time comes everything will goes according to the plan. =)

Let’s get on with this car shall we.

He’s running on a set of IRS 15 x 6 with Advan Neova wrapped around and Koni Adjustable with King Spring to support it.

This Foha Ducktail looks awesome isn’t?

The owner has lots of friends own an old school Toyotas. Hopefully I will be able to put them on my blog asap

After this photo shoot, I got a text messages from my friend about a time attack event at Sentul Circuit. Don’t forget to check on the next post. Thanks.


  1. that car is limited edition???

  2. keren banget GTi nya
    udah gabung ke milis blom
    kalo blom gabung yah
    karena disana tempatnya Corolla GTi berkomunikasi satu sama yg lainnya

  3. I might know the brand of rubber Ducktail FOHA what type?

  4. emm..platnomnya kaya kenal. emang sering pindah2 ke mobil lain ya?

  5. I'm planned to bought this car....when i have money :(

  6. om, mobilnya punya siapa? di jual gak yah..


  7. yg punya namanya echa.. sayangnya tidak dijual bro.. hehehe